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In-House Discount Plan

An in-house discount plan can help your practice maintain current patients, attract new patients and increase treatment plan acceptance.

Exclusivity to Your Practice

Patients who enroll in your in-house discount plan can only access dental discounts from your practice.

Three Discount Plan Levels

You can initially choose one discount level to offer patients: 15%, 20%, or 25%

Low Cost Patient Membership Fee*

  • 15% discount: $89/individual and $139/family.
  • 20% discount: $99/individual and $149/family.
  • 25% discount: $109/individual and $159/family.

*Charged yearly

Your Discount Plan is Not Insurance

  • This is a discount off your office fees (UCRs)
  • You initially choose the discount level
  • No need to file claims

Online Patient Enrollment Platform

  • Easily enroll patients through an online portal
  • PCI compliant billing administration for plan membership fees.

Membership Fee Distribution

Practices will receive 40% of the annual membership fee.

Plan Member Welcome Kits

Includes member identification cards with the Practice name listed on each card.

Marketing Materials

Includes professionally designed and printed tri-fold brochures, posters, and a front-office brochure display stand.
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Toll-free Member Services Support Line

  • Patients can call this Value Smile Plan – branded support line with questions regarding their plan
  • Toll-free number is 844-601-SAVE

Additional Discounts on Vision, LASIK, and Prescriptions.

Patients who enroll in your plan can access discounts on vision, LASIK, and prescription drugs.

Patient Education Program

Our Program is designed to help you stay in constant communication with your patients, educate your patients on dental care, treatment planning, managing dental expenses, and understanding dental benefits.

Patient Education Resource Center

We provide you with an online mobile device friendly Patient Education Resource center. Your custom website landing page will contain monthly patient education articles that can help your patients understand their dental care needs, how their dental insurance works, and how you can help them manage dental care costs.
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Patient Communication

We email mobile device friendly content to your patients each month to help you stay in contact with your patients. Emails to your patients will contain dental health and dental insurance related content and in an effort to help you continually educate your patients about their dental care needs, how you as their dentist help them maintain their dental health and how you can help them manage dental care costs.

Incentive Program

We incentivize current and prospective patients to subscribe to  your monthly communications. Your subscribers will be entered into a loyalty sweepstakes and have chance to win one of three cash prizes: $1,000, $300, or $200. We implement, manage and cover the cost of the incentive program.
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Social Media Posting

We will post content to your Facebook page on a regular basis. You social media posting will include patient education content, incentive program information and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to get started?

After you sign-up for our services, we will email you a link to our Patient Education Intake Form. This form will collect all the necessary information we need in order to setup your patient education program. We will then create a report outlining details about your discount plan. Once received and reviewed, we will set-up your in-house discount plan.

How long is your program?

After you submit our Intake form, your in-house plan and patient education program will be available within 60 days. Our Patient Loyalty Builder program is a 12 month program.

What if I already have website?

If you already have a site, that’s great! We encourage you to keep using it. Our Resource Center serves a different purpose: educating your patients on insurance, and capturing their information. We can help you integrate our resource center into your current site. In the future however, should you decide to use our site as your only website, we can make that transfer for you free of charge.

Why would I use your resource center as my regular website?

There is no cost to you for our website. It included in your monthly service. You can eliminate the cost of what you are currently paying monthly or annually for the hosting, domain, and maintenance of your website.
Our website has multiple email capture opportunities. Many websites fail to have opt-in opportunities for incoming visitors. For example, you may receive a lot of traffic, but how are you capturing the information of those potential patients? Our website has an incentive program that will incentivize your visitors to complete a subscription form, thus capturing their email addresses. Once captured, those leads will start receiving your monthly newsletter. We pay for and manage a $1500/month sweepstakes award.
Our website is optimized to clearly outline your Insurance Participation. With the majority of today’s patient population being covered by some form of insurance, does your current website clearly outline the names of each of your in-network insurance carriers, and have a dedicated page describing your participation? Our website includes all of this. Simply linking to the actual PPO website can actually have a negative effect. By driving traffic to their site, you’re allowing them to possibly find other in-networks providers.
Our website is mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly means that your website formats the images, text, and navigation menu to the size of your patient’s smartphone screen. Since most people browse the web on their smartphones, having a mobile-friendly site is an industry standard.

I don’t have a logo, can you make me one?

We offer logo creation services at an additional cost of $249 per logo. Once you signup, we can send you more details about our Logo design services.

Can I customize my Resource Center Website?

We are limited as to what we can change/tweak on your resource center website. We can update the following information every 30 days (if needed): your logo, the main photo at the top of your website, your team member photos and information, contact information, office hours, services (procedures), and insurance participation. This is done by submitting an online website update request.

What if I don’t want to use your resource center website, but I still want the patient newsletter?

Your Patient Education newsletter can only be deployed if we set up an online resource center website. Your education articles will be posted to your resource center blog, and the newsletter emails will simply link to those articles.

I already have a newsletter solution, why should I use yours?

There are many patient messaging software solutions in the marketplace. (i.e. Demandforce, Solution Reach, Lighthouse, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, or any other company)

However, for tools like these, you first must understand how to use them, create your own content, design the newsletter, ensure that it is sent, and then track the analytics (if available). Our newsletter includes all of these services. Patient Education Program focuses on educating your patients specifically on how to manage dental care costs and their insurance benefits. Our content is geared towards increasing patient loyalty, and treatment acceptance. Remember, these softwares are just tools. We provide a turn-key patient education program that we complete on your behalf.

Can I choose which articles go in my newsletter?

Not at this time. It’s important to know that each newsletter is strategically designed to fit into your Patient Education program.

What if I don't have a list of all of my patient's email addresses?

We will work with you to collect all the patient email addresses you already have. In addition, your new website, and sweepstakes program will work hard to collect the email addresses of each new visitor.

I already have patient incentive program, what’s different about yours?

Our incentive program has two main benefits: first, it offers up to $1500 in cash prizes each month. Second, and most importantly, it is legal. Many states have regulations against sweepstakes. If you breach any of these regulations, your sweepstakes could be classified as an illegal lottery. If audited, this could cost you thousands in taxes and possible legal action. Sadly, the majority of in-house giveaways and sweepstakes are illegal. It’s best to avoid these problems and utilize a reputable company.

What are the odds of winning your monthly sweepstakes?

In order to share the cost of these expensive prizes, we combine sweepstakes entries across multiple dental practices. The odds fluctuate depending upon participation.

What happens if my patient wins your sweepstakes?

We deploy this giveaway from start to finish. We will fill out the necessary legal documents, contact your patient, and ensure that their cash prize is delivered directly to them.

I don’t have a Facebook page, will you build one for me?

Yes! We would be happy to setup a facebook page for your practice at no extra charge.

How often do you post on my facebook page? And what do you post?

Our current program includes a facebook post every 3 days. These posts include your education articles, invitations to join your monthly sweepstakes, info about your discount plan, and more!

How many family members can be included in your in-house discount plan?

There is no limit to the number of family members included under the plan.

I already have my own discount plan, why should I use yours?

Many dental practices have attempted to create their own discount plan. However, many plans are not compliant their state regulations. Many states require that you be licensed and bonded as an insurer. If your discount plan is administered through a third-party, do you know how many have been sold, and are you marketing your plan on a continual basis? Our discount plan is not only compliant, but we will market it on an ongoing basis via your resource center, email communication, and facebook posting.

Do you provide discount plan marketing materials? And what’s the cost?

Our discount plan includes free professionally designed and printed tri-fold brochures, a poster, and brochure display stand. You can order additional marketing brochures from us when you run out, at no additional cost

Do parents have to purchase a family plan if they only want a discount plan for their child?

No!Parents can actually purchase an individual discount plan on behalf of a child, without having to participate in the plan themselves.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“Our dental office has been with Unitas Dental for a little over a year. I still consider myself fairly new to front desk service, and our Practice Representative, has been nothing but helpful. I feel they have done very well at negotiating higher service fees and educating me along the way. Their service is very prompt with contacting insurance companies and responding to our requests. Our office is very grateful for being introduced to them and if given the chance, I would definitely refer Unitas Dental to other dental offices.”
Madelyn, OM California
"I feel fortunate to be using Unitas Dental in my practice. Over the past few years, they have negotiated multiple insurance contracts in my favor. Their customer service is wonderful and my account representative, routinely checks in to see if I need anything and always promptly responds if there is a need."
Dr. Kerri Kansas
"We would like to thank Unitas Dental for all the good work done with negotiating higher dental insurance fees for our practice. We also want to extend our sincere and personal appreciation to our Practice Representative. His support and quick response time to anything that was needed exemplified his dedication and commitment to excellent customer service. Many thanks to all of you for a job well done."
Marianne, OM New York