Get Your Dentists Credentialed Fast And On The Right Plans.
Credentialing with PPOs can be a huge burden for practices of any size. Incorrect, incomplete, or misdirected applications can cause delays in getting your providers in-network. Unitas can credential your doctors quickly, accurately, and provide guidance on which PPOs to join.
How It Works:
Step 1: Pick Your PPOs & Plans
Just fill out our simple online tool and select the insurance companies and plans you want to be in-network with. Soon after, you’ll receive a link for a webform where you can provide your information and attach your credentials.
Step 2: PPO Networking Consulting (Optional)
Available for an additional fee, our PPO experts can help you better understand PPO networking and give you general recommendations to help make informed decisions when contracting. We break down plan options and identify networking opportunities so you can avoid being over contracted.
Step 3: We Complete And Submit All Applications
As one of the largest credentialing solutions in the country, we have virtually every PPO application on file and ready to complete. Our expert team will ensure each application is completed correctly and submitted to the correct location.
Step 4: We Verify Your In-Network Status
Our team will follow-up on each PPO contract regularly. We will provide you with regular updates and the effective dates for each provider as they are received.

Our Services:



PPO Credentialing Applications & Agreements

We have applications on file, no need to provide them. We will complete and submit your selected applications.

Follow-up Support

We will regularly follow up with each contracted insurance carrier to ensure that your credentialing progresses smoothly. The office will do follow-ups for networked PPOs.

Credentialing Tracking Worksheet

A worksheet outlining all of your selected applications so you can keep track of your in-network vs out-of-network participation statuses. 

Website Audit Instructions

Instructions for reviewing online preferred provider directories after in-network participation is confirmed.

Insurance Provider Relations Directory

A state-specific directory of the Provider Relations' contact numbers for each insurance company and network umbrella. 

Personalized PPO Participation Consultation

A PPO expert will help you understand PPO plan options and identify networking opportunities so you can avoid being over-contracted. You will have the option of selecting opt-outs to steer your contracting to optimal PPO participation.

Unitas Library Collection

A valuable compliation of simple explanations for the most common insurance participation questions and problems.

Networking Overview

An explanation that will help you better understand in-network participation through leased networks.

Network Client Lists

A list of the PPOs that are accessible through each network umbrella.
setup fee 
per provider
per application
Cred Plus Consultation Fee
per application
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What Our Clients Are Saying...
I utilized Unitas' credentialing services and I am 100% satisfied with their performance and would recommend them to others. They were quick and highly responsive. Unitas showed great knowledge with the various PPO networks and guided me throughout the process. If you need to get credentialed quickly and accurately, you're in the right place!
Dr. Liron
New Jersey
I want to thank you and your team for all of your help getting me credentialed with these insurances. You have been more than helpful and have made this process painless for me! Thank you times a million.
Dr. Erica
As a busy multi-specialty, multi-location practice we have found that using a reputable company like Unitas to credential providers for us to be worth every penny. Their service is fast, accurate, and saves me and my staff valuable time.
Derek, Office Manager
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