Are You Buying or Building A New Dental Practice?

Buying or Starting a new practice can become increasingly difficult when you are out of network with PPOs. In order to open your doors to new or returning patients, you need to be credentialed quickly, and with the correct plans. We will guide you through the PPO set-up process and complete the work necessary to establish your PPO participation.


What We Provide

Revenue Strategy Development

As the primary component to how you get reimbursed, we assist you in establishing a competitive office fee schedule. A competitive fee schedule further positions your practice for negotiating now and in the future with PPO Insurance companies.

Proposal Collection & Negotiation

Our team of experts will negotiate with our vast list of contacts at each major PPO insurance company in an effort to obtain high proposed reimbursement plans. With our combined experience and dedication, we strive to obtain the highest reimbursements possible.

Practice Summary Report

Similar to a treatment plan, we create an in-depth report outlining what our plan is for your practice. This report includes a map of your anticipated participation, a list of top employers for your zip code and which plans they participate with, a detailed analysis of each fee schedule proposal, a calculation indicating the adjustment percentage you’ll take on each fee schedule, and a proposed implementation plan.

Participation Optimization

Due to the ever-changing and confusing relationships between many PPO companies, many dentist’s can find themselves being paid under new fee schedules or through plans they’re not familiar with. We ensure that your participation is mapped out clearly and optimized in order to produce the optimal amount of patients at the highest rate of reimbursement.

Credentialing Services

We complete PPO applications/contracts for the PPO carriers or networks you select. We submit the contracts/applications and necessary supporting documents on your behalf and follow-up with each applicable PPO insurance carrier or network until effective dates are confirmed.

In-House Discount Plan*

An in-house discount plan can help your practice maintain current patients, attract new patients and increase treatment plan acceptance. We provide your practice with a regulatory compliant in-house discount plan with three (3) discount levels for you to choose from. We help you implement, administer, manage and market your in-house plan. Coming Summer 2017! *Not all practices will be eligible for the in-house discount plan.

Continual PPO Management

PPO participation is constantly changing. As an added group of team members, Unitas will schedule and track when each of your PPOs are due for re-negotiation and take the necessary action. *additional charges apply.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"One of the best decisions I have made was hiring Unitas to help with my new practice. I would have never known what to do to get set-up correctly with insurances."
Dr. Arash New York
"Unitas was a life-saver helping me set up my new practice last year. They helped me set my office fees appropriately. Unitas negotiated proposed fee schedules and used their networking knowledge to contract me with the best PPO plans to get the most reimbursement."
Dr. Lance California
"I want to thank you and your team for all of your help getting me credentialed with these insurances. You have been more than helpful and have made this process painless for me! Thank you times a million."
Dr. Erica Texas