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“Unitas offers a fantastic service. They have freed my front desk from the crazy world of PPOs. We couldn’t be happier.”
Donna, Office Manager, Chicago, IL

“Our dental office has been with Unitas Dental for a little over a year. I still consider myself fairly new to front desk service, and our representative has been nothing but helpful. With the process of updating insurance fees, I feel they have done very well with negotiating to a higher service fee and educating me along the way.  Their service is very prompt with contacting insurance companies and responding to help (via email or messages that I have left when they were not available at the time). Our office is very grateful for being introduced to them and if given the chance, I would definitely refer Unitas Dental to other dental offices.”
Madelyn, Office Manager, Vallejo, CA

“Our Office can highly recommend Unitas Dental. We have four busy dental locations and the Unitas Team has helped out with all of them. Our Practice Representative really lightened our work, updated us regularly and made life really easy so that we could concentrate on daily tasks.”
John, Dentist, Arizona

“Unitas was a class act operation to deal with, all the way around.”
Maureen, Dental Business Manager, Ohio

“I wish there were more companies out there like Unitas because I know of so many dental practices that are losing massive revenue due to health care reform, and because they do not understand how PPOs and networks work. I know of lots of practices that could benefit from your services.”
PPO negotiator for a nationwide PPO

“Working with Unitas has been a pleasurable experience. With Unitas taking care of the negotiating of the fee schedules and the credentialing paperwork made things run smoothly. [Our Practice Representative] also made this experience pleasing.  [He was] easy to communicate with and got things done in a timely matter.
Jamie, Office Manager, Michigan

“I have been amazed by what Unitas Dental has been able to accomplish for my practice. Not only have they been able to increase my revenue but they have allowed my staff to be more efficient”
Dr. Ryan, Arizona

“Whenever we email Unitas, they respond right away. They really stay on top of things and we have seen great fee increase and are very happy with them.”
Amanda, Office Manager, Kentucky

“Our office has been partnered with Unitas Dental for several years now. Their service and attention to detail is outstanding.  They have virtually eliminated the time consuming and confusing task of negotiating our contracted fees with insurance companies.  Our practice representative, is quite responsive and knowledgeable. He always responds to requests in a timely manner.  I highly recommend Unitas Dental.  They have eliminated many insurance management headaches for us and freed up staff from countless hours of phone calls to insurance companies.
-Shauna, Office Manager, California

“With the changes in the dental industry over the last 5-10 years, it is evermore important to make sure that I am receiving the best reimbursements for my services and expertise. It is great to have Unitas Dental staying on top of the insurance industry and looking out for my best interests. I am happy with what Unitas Dental has done for my practice.”
Benjamin, Dentist, Arizona

“I tell everyone how great you guys are! We have so many providers on several PPOs [and] Unitas has helped me keep everything  straight.”
Kim, Office Manager, Wisconsin

“I am very pleased with how Unitas responds to anything we request. They are very helpful. Unitas does great work for us. We are very satisfied.”

Sally, Office Manager, California

“We think Unitas is awesome! We have multiple locations and used to be contracted with every PPO on low fee schedules. Unitas not only negotiated our fee schedules up, but moved some of our in-network contracts to a different option that resulted in more money.”
 Paul, Dentist, Arizona

“Unitas was a life-saver helping me set up my new practice last year. They helped me set my office fees appropriately.  Unitas negotiated proposed fee schedules and used their networking knowledge to contract me with the best PPO plans to get the most reimbursement.”
Lance, Dentist, California

“We have been thrilled with your services and your excellent attention to detail throughout this process! ”
Johnathan, Dentist, Arizona

“Unitas Dental was instrumental in helping me with my start up office!  Thanks to them, I was already in-network with most of the PPO plans by the time I opened.  Everyone on the team, especially Nichole, was so wonderful and helpful.  I highly recommend them to anyone acquiring or opening a new dental office.”
Jacklyn, Dentist, Arizona

“I want to thank you for all your help in negotiating our PPO contracts and helping us organize our insurance plans. I feel we’ve received good value for your services … We are pleased with the gains we have received and feel as though our “insurance IQ” has been raised significantly!
Judy, Dentist, Virginia 

“I’ve been working with Unitas this past year contracting and negotiating various PPO insurance plans. My Account Manager with Unitas has been wonderful to work with and kept the process as easy and painless as possible, she was patient with me and answered my questions in a way I could understand.
Karan, Dentist, California

“I know I can just pick up the phone, call, and I know you will have the answers to my questions, whether its effective dates, EOB issues, or credentialing. Not to mention [some] fee increases you were able to get us were more than a 20% increase. Since we handed over our 9 locations to Unitas Dental our operations are more organized. My time is more manageable, and I can focus more
on patient care.”
Lisa, Accounts Receivable Specialist , Arizona

“I have to tell you Dr. ___’s application was put together perfectly; I spend a large amount of my time getting missing documents from the offices. Thank you!
PPO recruiter handling credentialing, California.

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