1. Updating and using fee schedules as a contracted PPO provider can produce huge benefits to your patients and your practice.  It can assist you in giving more accurate accounting of production, help your front office collect more accurately, and give your patient an accurate treatment estimate. Keeping fee schedules up to date in your software system will also help you identify when insurance companies are not paying the negotiated rates that your Unitas team has obtained for your office.
  2. When your fee schedules are added correctly to your system, you will bill out full fees to the insurance companies and when you receive an EOB back, it may look like you need to do an adjustment. Remember that no adjustment will be necessary since the patient’s ledger will have the correct PPO fees listed. This is very useful for determining if your negotiated increases are actually being implemented.
  3. Dentrix has a feature for setting up and managing fee schedules. For more information, please see the link below for instruction on how to set up the Dentrix Fee Schedule feature. If you have more questions after reviewing this article, please contact Dentrix support.


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