Out-of-network in 2018?

You may have read or been made aware of information being circulated on different web forums or social media postings claiming the majority of PPO plans to renew in 2018 will not include out-of-network benefits. We have investigated this claim … Read More

New & Deleted CDT Codes for 2018

Effective January 1, 2018, the American Dental Association (ADA) has added 18 new codes and deleted 3 codes. The changes are listed below.   NEW CDT Codes 2018 DELETED CDT CODES 2018  

Social Media For Dental Patient Retention

Social media can be an extraordinary marketing tool, especially for dental practices.  The key to using social media can be summarized in one word: PURPOSE.  What is the purpose of your dental practice’s use of social media? Many think social … Read More

Ameritas Dental Patients Now In-Network Through United Concordia

Effective October 1, 2017, patients with dental PPO coverage issued or administered by Ameritas can be seen in-network through United Concordia (UCCI). If your office is directly contracted with Ameritas, that relationship is primary and the United Concordia/Ameritas leasing arrangement … Read More

Office Staff Receiving Insurance Card from Patient

Humana Dental Patient ID Cards & How To Read Them

You may have recently received a letter from Humana clarifying some patients’ ID cards for dental coverage. See example image below. Humana Medicare Advantage dental patients are typically on HMO medical plans. The embedded dental benefits on these plans are … Read More

Industry Game Changer: Virtual Dentistry

Virtual dentistry, or teledentistry is a combination of telecommunications and dentistry for dental consultation and treatment planning for care, education, and public awareness. “Teledentistry is a rising trend in our profession that is here to stay,” according to Dr. Ronald … Read More

A Great Solution For Verifying Patient Eligibility

How much time are you or your staff spending on the phone or searching through PPO portals verifying eligibility? With the rise of network umbrellas and PPOs sharing their networks of dentists, your in-network participation can sometimes not be as straight … Read More

PPO Provider Verification

Provider Directory Verification Notices – Do NOT ignore these!

With the Affordable Healthcare Act, there is a growing trend for legislation requiring insurance companies be held accountable for accuracy in their directories listing in-network providers. Prior to deciding on a plan, enrollees can know, with confidence, which doctors are … Read More

Metlife EFT Requirements, Do You Have To Comply?

Many offices have received notices from MetLife that they MUST sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer. Click here to review additional information, including the exception that “some offices may not yet be equipped to handle this change and those who can’t … Read More

Aetna Dental Policy Changes Effective July 17, 2017

D4355 – Debridement, full mouth to enable comprehensive periodontal evaluation and diagnosis To align with the ADA descriptor of D4355, the following changes are being made to our claim processing policies: D4355 will be denied when performed on the same … Read More