Many of you have received letters announcing that Zelis (formerly Stratose) has acquired the Maverest Dental Network.  

If you are directly contracted with both companies, you will have the option to select either your existing Zelis/Stratose or Maverest fee schedule for reimbursements. If you would like assistance comparing the two fee schedule options, please contact your Practice Representative.

If you are contracted only with Maverest, your reimbursement fee schedule will remain the same, but you will likely begin receiving information identifying “Zelis” as your networking partner.

If you are in the process of contracting with Maverest (you recently submitted an application/contract to enroll in the Maverest Dental Network), Zelis will honor the fee schedule Maverest offered to you.

If you are not directly contracted with either the Zelis or Maverest Dental network, this acquisition will not impact you.

Status of other Mergers in the Dental Insurance Industry:

As many of you know, Anthem and Cigna announced last year their intentions to merge. Similarly, Aetna and Humana announced their intentions  to merge. The Justice Department opposed both merger proposals, and federal courts have now issued a ruling enjoining/blocking both mergers. The court’s rulings in both matters noted the likelihood these proposed mergers would lessen competition in the market place. The involved insurance companies have the right to appeal the decisions, and we will provide updates of any appeals that are filed.  

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